Mandating school uniforms is a economic burden to parents psx dating games english

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Kenneth doesn’t think much about his school uniform.He is 11 years old, attends fifth grade at a public school on Chicago’s South Side, and wears thick brown glasses that are, his mom says, unbreakable.While this is a hassle for middle-class parents, it’s a much bigger burden for poor families, who already struggle just to outfit their own kids for school.

“Yes.” He nods, and again says, “Yes.” Eighty percent of schools in Chicago — including 80 percent of Chicago Public Schools, known as CPS — employ a mandatory uniform policy.

From binders and backpacks to USB drives and other gadgets, ballooning back-to-school supply lists are pinching poor families’ budgets and creating what some see as a have and have-not public education system.

“When it comes to things like school supplies, those are the things that can make or break your budget,” said Robyn Eastwood, assistant director of development and external affairs at Project Hope, a Boston-based organization that helps low-income mothers. Then it makes everything else a struggle.” Experts say school districts now have less money for supplies, forcing them to rely more on parents for items such as markers and construction paper, cleaning supplies, tissues, copy paper and printer ink.

Now, as a parent, I’m seeing the issue from a different angle.

The problem for parents comes down to the cost of uniforms, and in some cases, the effort of procuring them.

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To avoid layoffs, districts will try to cut spending anywhere else they can, she said.

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