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He lectured at “meditation camps” and other venues.

He gave his first address to a Western audience in 1969.

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When analyzed from an international perspective, this phenomenon is the inevitable outcome of the uncertainty of Western countries about China's intention and direction when they witness China's constantly rising share in the international market, its growing influence in international political and economic affairs and therefore enormous challenges to their traditional dominant status.

The dogma changes its clothes, but the incantation retains the same syllables, and the stench of the absolutist lingers in propaganda: the Yet, during the baptism of reason at the Hanging Gardens, we also sacrificed subjectivity: the marginalization of the passions and the emotions and intuition.When inner awakening happens, the higher emotions happen in you.“There is an extraordinary potential hidden inside every human being.The idealist might insist that the Enlightenment isn’t without its virtues – that it freed civilization from the shackles of the church, and unleashed a new age of man.However, the result is merely a new election, a new ideology.


In fact, judging from the development in recent years, China is gradually completing its enlightenment and moving on to a phase where stable and rapid human rights development is realized ...

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