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We’re a tight little group.’ And last night, even the mother of another ex of his gushed that he was ‘an amazing young man’.But the 25-year-old California-born actor, whose parents run a construction firm in a blue-collar town outside Los Angeles, makes no secret of his contemptuous attitude to the fair sex.‘I don’t get a whole lot out of the romance thing but I realise girls do.So I’ll go out of my way to make them feel romanced,’ Lafferty confessed to the US magazine Portrait.

Kris, aka the Kardashian matriarch and rainmaker, has not yet weighed in on the news, nor have any of the other Kardashian's yet, but expect little attention to the aforementioned details and lots of excitement and love.Things got messy when Blac Chyna started dating Kylie’s brother, Rob Kardashian in 2016. Was Blac deliberately trying to grate on Tyga’s nerves?Whatever the case, it looks like the celebrity world is In 2016, Blac and Rob’s baby girl was born, giving a little sister to King Cairo.Kris and Rob divorced in 1991 and he sadly passed away in 2003. The rapper was slammed by the public for hooking up with a teen and Blac even started an open war with Kylie on Instagram…Kylie and Tyga broke up in 2017 but that hasn’t stopped the family tree from being super krazy.

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For her new boyfriend, TV star James Lafferty, is nothing if not a charmer – but one with a deeply cynical attitude to using that charm, who has left a trail of romantic carnage in his wake.